Shichifuku Towel
Shichifuku Towel
Shichifuku Towel
Shichifuku Towel
Shichifuku Towel
Shichifuku Towel

Our Concept

Towels are essential to everyday life, whether a casual day or special occasion.
In other words, it’s no exaggeration to say that the word “towel” is synonymous with life.

What we seek to make is a towel that imbues everyday life with comfort.
Sometimes with cheer, sometimes with joy, sometimes with tenderness, sometimes with warmth—
A feeling like snuggling up close to family.

We combine a wide range of materials and creative designs
with tradition and the latest technology to create the one and only Shichifuku Towel.

Our artisan towel makers continue to instill this passion
into each and every towel they make today and every day.

It is our hope that people from all over the world
will find that our towels are just the right towel for the occasion.

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  • FLUX
  • Revive
  • FAVA
  • FLUX
  • Pliage
  • Cozy

Company Tour

We shall show you around the factory and showroom

It takes many different processes and dedication
from many artisans and employees to deliver
the one and only Shichifuku Towel to our customers.

Everything from planning and design to manufacturing, sewing,
and quality inspection takes place at our own factory in Imabari,
a center of towel manufacturing in Japan.
In this corner of our website, we will guide you through the Shichifuku Towel Factory.

Enjoy the Shichifuku Towel Factory Tour.

Towel Sommeliers

Towel Sommeliers

The Towel Sommelier is a qualifying exam system that certifies “expertise on towels”
in a wide range of areas, including history, culture, technology, products,
customer service, and branding
(Imabari Chamber of Commerce, Imabari Towel Industrial Association).

Towel sommeliers advise customers in selecting towels
based on an understanding of customer needs.
They know the varieties of towels available,
what differentiates one type of towel from another,
how different towels serve different purposes, and so on.

At Shichifuku Towel, we encourage our team members
in seeking their towel sommelier certification
so they can act as advisors to customers in selecting the perfect towel.
In this way, we hope to ensure customers
can find towels that better suit their needs for greater comfort.


Work with Us

Shichifuku Towel is looking for team members to make towels with us.
We welcome anyone who feels that mindful daily work will improve their mind
and hone their skills to become a professional artisan.

We aim to be a company where our team members
can work long-term in a carefree environment where
they can share in both their joys and struggles with colleagues.
Our focus is on sincere communication
full of smiles among colleagues who have come together with the same purpose.

Our vision is to be a “fun company.”

We are excited to welcome team members
who take pride in delivering smiles to the world through our towels,
which form part of the local industry of Imabari City,
Ehime Prefecture.




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