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What's towel sommelier?

Towel is a very attentive partner of yours in every occasion of daily life. Towels may sound as just one kind of necessity, but there is so much variety in purposes and uses.
With organic cotton, waffle weave and gauze gaining recent popularity, thousands of kinds of products are found in towel marketing today.

This can be explained by the prevalence of a wish for 'genuine towel' whose production is concerned with the environment, health and safety. And Imabari towels appear to be wildly accepted as a new solution for those factors.

Such diversity may lead some customers to wonder; what kind to get, what’s the difference among variety, how to use the towel properly, and so on. When it comes to choosing towels, sometimes beyond your knowledge or experience, towel experts are here in Japan to provide casual and specific advice for you.

Shichifuku towel hopes to lay the foundation where everyone can find preferable towels, facilitating training system of expert advisers.

Towel Sommeliers within Shichifuku Towel

Twelve Towel Sommeliers registered within Shichifuku Towel ( as of February 2014 )

  • Yuji Hashida/distribution controlYuji Hashida
    (distribution control)
  • Takashi Kuwabara/planning designerTakashi Kuwabara
    (planning designer)
  • Yuki Sogabe/merchandise controlYuki Sogabe
    (merchandise control)
  • Yoshihiro Nishida/production controlYoshihiro Nishida
    (production control)
  • Masumi Ohashi/planning designerMasumi Ohashi
    (planning designer)
  • Miki Sakiyama/planning designerMiki Sakiyama
    (planning designer)
  • Shinya Murakami/ merchandise controlShinya Murakami
    (merchandise control)
  • Eriko Murakami/officeworkEriko Murakami
  • Kikuka HiroseKikuka Hirose
  • Minori Aoi/inspectionMinori Aoi
  • Miho Ota/sewingMiho Ota
  • Kikuko Watanabe/sewingKikuko Watanabe