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February 1959 Akira Kawakita started Shichifuku Towel Factory as a private company in Bekku-cho, Imabari City.
1968 Won an award from a trade and commerce minister, as a company contributed to export
August 1985 Changed into Shichifuku Towel Corporation Extended the company
Introduced innovative weaving machines
1987 Developed the original brand Aimed for a maker directly connected with actual demand
November 1992 Introduced a large scale computer for the unified control from production to inventory
Set up the project and development department
Introduced CGS
May 1996 Relocated to the present address, an industrial estate developed by Imabari City, due to the completion of a new main office factory
Introduced a state of the art weaving
Set up the MD Planning Office Started Online business with accounts
December 1997 Introduced a state of the art weaving machine
March 2000 Introduced three sample weaving machines and Electric Jagards into the former main office factory
December 2000 Introduced an large-scale computer for quick response (QR)
October 2001 Started sales on the Internet
August 2002 Taizou Kawakita became a new president
October 2002 Established the project alliance with an design office, isso ecco corporation
Set up a lifestyle brand "isso ecco"
Exhibited at New York Home Textile Show 2002 Autumn (our first exhibition abroad)
December 2002 Introduced a state of the art weaving machine CGS into the main office factory
Introduced a sample weaving machine, CGS into the sample production factory
September 2003 Opened a life style shop "isso ecco" in Aoyama, Tokyo
March 2004 Won the Best New Product Award
May 2005 Introduced a large-scale computer
Started to operate the company's original server
November 2006 Established a new office and a showroom
May 2009 Introduced a state of the art weaving machine
January 2010 Website renewal