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  • Originative design
  • Yarn-dyed jacquard
  • Colorful material selected

From hand to hand bring you comfort.

Whenever you reach for our towels, you'll find yourself burying your face in them in spite of yourself.

Inspired by the baby's velvety skin, the touch of our towels will soothe your mind and body.

To this end, we devote ourselves to every detail, from planning and design to production, sewing and product inspection, combining state of the art technology with a history of craftsmanship and a love for excellence in towels.

The elegance and functionality of the Shichifuku Towel reflects this devotion.

Our factory has a limited production line, which encourages us all the more to make each towel a work of art.

It's our wish to place our finished products into your hands.

From hand to hand bring you comfort.