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Everlasting comfort for you and your family
Wrapping people softly and tenderly, a quality towel calms the mind and brings warmth and happiness. “Shichifuku”, the name of our company, comes from the Japanese ancient Billikens “Shichifukujin” (The Seven Gods of Fortune). What a pleasure it is for us to foster quality time through everyday interaction with fabric. We named our company with this modest but committed aspiration in mind.

To produce each towel in order to capture the heart of the customers

What we'd like to create is a towel that brightens your daily life with comfort and delight, healing with its soft and tender feel like a spring breeze; making an impression with the richness of autumn leaves.

The coziness and beauty of the Shichifuku Towel is reminiscent of the natural glory of Japan.

We weave into each of our products delicacy and originality nurtured by the blessing of the four seasons.

We're producing your towels for you.

Kind-hearted Towel Culture

Since ancient times, Imabari has kept the custom to entertain the people who were under their pilgrimage around eighty-eight temples in Shikoku Is. The spirit to give their own things to others, combined with the climate and tradition, has been handed down via its warmth and comfort in Imabari Towels. It is such generous hospitality that has been rooted in the culture of making kind-hearted towels.

Over 110 years, in the north of Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Is., as one of the biggest manufacturers in Japan, Imabari Towel has made wonderful harmony between our traditional methods and the newest technology. Comfort is our ultimate priority, and our rich source of designs and towel (pile) items provides great sensation for fashion and interior business.

SHICHIFUKU TOWEL can introduce a partnership with your loving towels besides you from fresh start in the morning till sound sleep at night.